Cawthorne Parish Council

A parish council is the first tier of local government. The parish of Cawthorne is in the Metropolitan Borough of Barnsley.

There are nine seats on the parish council with the councillors being elected from the local community.

Parish Council meetings are held in the Moxon Room, Cawthorne Village Hall, Tivy Dale, Cawthorne.

Cawthorne Parish Council owns the cemetery, the Orchard play area and The Peace Garden. It also provides the village litter bins, dog litter bins and bus shelters.

The parish council is not responsible for the maintenance of footpaths, roads, road signs, the village green and roadside verges; these are all the responsibility of Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council.


What does a council and councillors do?

Parliament has granted powers to parish councils to raise money through the precept and to spend public money, although it can only send it where it has legal powers to do so.

Councillors play a vital part in representing the interests of their local community and improving the quality of life and the local environment. They bring local issues to the attention of the council and help it make decisions on behalf of the local community. They can influence other decision makers and may deliver services to meet the local needs.

Responsibility and obligations of a councillor

You must;

· Attend council meetings, held on the first Thursday of the month in the Moxon Room, Cawthorne village hall at 7.30pm

· Agree to abide by the Council’s code of conduct (act with integrity etc)

· Declare pecuniary and non-pecuniary interests (pecuniary interests include property owned, non-pecuniary includes membership of a trade union, involvement in an organisation such as the village hall) which will be displayed on Barnsley Council’s and Cawthorne Parish Council’s websites.

· Represent the whole electorate

Eligibility to be a councillor

You must;

· be 18 years old or over; and

· be on the electoral roll for the parish ; or

· have resided in the parish for the past twelve months or rented/tenanted land in the parish; or

· have your principal place of work in the parish; or

· have lived within three miles of the parish

Disqualification from being a councillor

You cannot be a councillor if;

· You are the subject of a Bankruptcy Restrictions Order or Interim Order, or a Debt Relief Restrictions Order or an Interim Debt Relief Restrictions order under Schedule 4ZB of the Insolvency Act 1986.

· You have within five years prior to the day of your prospective appointment to the council been convicted in the United kingdom, the Channel Isles or the Isle of Man, of any offence and have had passed on you a sentence of imprisonment (whether suspended or not) for a period of not less than three months without the option of a fine.

· You are disqualified from being elected or from being a member of Cawthorne Parish Council under Part III of the Representation of the People Act 1983 or under the Audit Commission Act 1998


Help and guidance will be given by the other councillors and the clerk. There are training session run by the Yorkshire Local Councils Association who also have a lot of information available on their website.


Please apply in writing stating

  • Your name, address and eligiblity criteria
  • Your reasons why you wish to be co-opted.
  • What skills, experience, and commitment you would bring to the Council.
  • An acknowledgment that you have the time to fully participate in Council matters.
  • An acknowledgement that you would be prepared to be subject to the Code of Conduct.
  • A brief detail of personal interests.

Post or email your application to the Clerk to be received by 4.30pm on Friday 12th July 2019.