Local Walks
If Cawthorne was situated in the Cotswolds or even in the Yorkshire Dales, it would be a tourist 'honeypot', as it is it remains one of South Yorkshire's treasures and a vital lung for the more developed local areas. The village and park are a delight and likely to encourage simple strolling rather than the steady walk suggested below. This however. gives wonderful views over Cawthorne and some occasional surprises. such as a working pit, golfers hacking away and even Andean llamas munching in fields!
If you are a resident of the Parish then little need be said other than to refer you to the 'thank you' part of this introduction. If you are a visitor, then welcome to our
Parish. We hope that you will enjoy walking through the lovely countryside and that you will find this booklet useful and interesting. Many of the paths have been signposted and a few are in the process of being way marked.




Boundary Walk

A 14 mile circular walk starting at the Village Hall