Neighbourhood Plan

Following the public consultation process which ended on 31 July 2019 the Plan is now being amended and will be submitted to Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council together with supporting documentation, including a Basic Conditions Statement demonstrating how the NDP meets the required Basic Conditions, and a Consultation Statement setting out who has been consulted, how the consultation has been undertaken and how the representations received have informed the revised Plan.

Barnsley MBC will then re-consult, before the Plan is subjected to an Examination by an independent Examiner.  If the Examiner is satisfied that, subject to any recommended changes, the NDP meets the required Basic Conditions, then the amended Plan will be subjected to a local Referendum.  If there is a Yes vote, then the NDP will be made (adopted) by Barnsley MBC and used to help determine planning applications in the parish.

When the plan is submitted, personal information, including names, addresses and emails will be shared with Barnsley MBC to enable them to discharge their legal duties in relation to publicising and consulting on the submission version of the plan and for organising the examination in accordance with the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations.  To comply with the requirements of the recent Data Protection legislation, please confirm you have rread and understood this statement and give your consent for your details to be passed on to Barnsley MBC.  If you respond using the Response Form there is a box to tick to indicate your consent.  If you respond by email or letter please indicate that you consent for your personal details being provided to Barnsley MBC to enable them to perform their duties.

For further information please contact the Parish Clerk, Mrs S M Bashforth on 01226 765569 or 

Please see timetable of next steps on the right hand side. 

Next Steps :

Consider responses, revise NDP for submission, prepare consultation statement and basic conditions statement - Sept/Oct
Submit to Barnsley MBC - Oct
Barnsley MBC consultation (Reg 16) - Nov/Dec 
Examination - Jan/Feb 2020
Referendum - End March 2020