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The modifications to the LP following the examination period are now on the BMBC web site . Comments have to be lodged before 5 pm Tuesday 28th August 2018. The comments have ideally to be made on line but can be emailed to BMBC ( or by post . The comments must be made on the standard form which is on the portal which ever method you use.

The modifications are set out in the document MC1: Schedule of proposed main modifications. These are for all the modifications for the entire Barnsley area (69 pages and 6 annexes).

The 2 sites in Cawthorne are EC9 (Darton Road) and CA2a Stanhope Meadows. In the document is the original text and along side the main modification. Each main modification is numbered . Having been through the document several times the ones I believe that are pertinent to Cawthorne are;

MM108 there should be no change to safeguarded land within the life of the new plan.

MM166 it would need exceptional circumstances to over ride MM108

MM 203 Restricts the development and redevelopment of existing buildings in the green belt to ensure that the character of the properties are not changed with over development.

Annex 2 Examination Consultation Omissions Sites Representation is a schedule confirming the sites that have had there use reverted back to the original. Thus Darton Rd is listed as safeguarded and Stanhope Meadows green belt.

Moving on to the form when you have to tick a number of boxes this is down to you what you put when you have read the documents.

Set below is how I am filling in my boxes but it is down to the individuals to make up their own mind.

Q1 108,166,203

Q2 Yes

Q3 Yes

Q 5 I support the changes to MM 108,166,and 203 as the findings are consistent with the original objection and the comments made at the examination

Q 6 You only need to fill this in if you believe that the proposals are not legally compliant

Q 7 In my opinion the proposed changes for sites EC9 and CA2a are consistent with the evidence provided at the examination consultation and are supported.

Remember keep all comments short and to the point do not go back over what has been said in the past and do not introduce new points the exercise is one of do you support the changes or not.

Many thanks in anticipation


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Restoring the Glory project at Cannon Hall
Update 9 :  July 2018
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Cawthorne is a rural parish in South Yorkshire, three miles to the west of Barnsley.

It is an old parish, dating back to at least the late 11th century, with some buildings from the 15th century still in use today. The centre and hub of the parish is the village of Cawthorne, with some 1000 residents living in about 530 households. The remainder of the parish is rural, with a considerable number of working farms. Cannon Hall and park owned and managed by Barnsley MBC, is open to the public. There are a number of small businesses in the village; a Post Office, newsagent/old fashioned sweet shop, village store and tea room, the Spencer Arms pub, Beatson House Restaurant, an antiques centre, Gallery 2 gift and card shop, and guest houses. The larger businesses in the parish are Naylors who manufacture clay pipes, Cannon Hall Garden Centre & Cafe and Cannon Hall Open Farm which incorporates a farm shop, café and restaurant and hosts various festivals throughout the year.

The village has a Methodist Chapel and All Saints Parish Church. The Village Hall and church owned Parish Rooms host various activities and both are available to hire. The Cawthorne Victoria Jubilee Museum is a small museum full of an eclectic mix of items.

There are numerous social and recreational groups active in the parish, ranging from the church bell ringers to the Young Farmers, with all manner of other groups catering for toddlers up to and including the most senior of citizens. There is a cricket ground, a football pitch and two social clubs. There is a good community spirit in the parish, evidenced by frequent public events such as the Summer Fete and the Open Gardens which are held alternate years.